New Product Introduction​

 -To meet the dynamic market challenges where aggressive timelines, resources, and capital are the ability testers, we provide just the right expertise of New Product Introduction. Resolute™’s professionals bring with them on board a successful history of prototyping experience. We follow globally consistent, best-in-class NPI processes suitably tailored to meet your individual needs to help you improve product manufacturability and provide the faster ramp up and volume production solutions.

PCB Assembly

Resolute™’s success in this highly competitive industry is largely attributed to its principles of work and untiring commitment to meet the customer's specifications, quality and on-time delivery for Printed Circuit Assembly. From concept to product delivery, from prototype to production we can accomplish all your manufacturing requirements.

Our prolific and synergic team work towards providing innovative manufacturing solutions for a wide range of products catering to various market segments. We offer customers a complete solution set in: 

  • Low-volume prototyping
  • Low-volume high-mix
  • Communications and computing products
  • High-volume/low-mix consumer electronic

Our capability to offer end-to-end solutions in Printed Circuit Assembly allows us to collaborate at every level and ensure timely delivery in the various services provided such as:

  • Optimized test development and support that provides for all facets of a test, including failure analysis
  • Data management
  • Affordable test cost, quality, and accessibility
  • Optical and X-ray inspection (AOI and AXI), in-circuit test (ICT) and functional test (FT) development
  • RoHS compliant assembly processes

With our vast knowledge and rich experience, we constantly strive to deliver excellence through teamwork and innovation extended to the fields of packaging & assembly techniques such as:

  • Fine pitch, high-speed, SMT connectors
  • Double-sided/mirrored BGA assembly
  • Tin-lead and lead-free SMT and Wave
  • Double-sided/single reflow processing
  • Fine pitch, high pin count, press fit connectors

System Integration

We understand that OEMs today require more comprehensive integrated solutions, and System Integration services help them benefit from greater flexibility in reacting to changing market requirements.

Our System Integration Services not only help put together the complete product, but also offer value-adds like sourcing, logistics, Supply Chain Management, and After Market Services.

This, in turn, offers the following advantages to our customers:

  • Simplifying the OEM’s Supply Chain
  • Reducing manufacturing complexity
  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Apart from the above, we have services to ensure that products adhere to environmental compliance and similar standards.

Engineering Services

With global expertise and exposure we ensure that as a trusted partner, your manufacturing commitments are supported and facilitated with top-of-the-line engineering services. Our global processes and experience accrued out of creating sophisticated products across multiple industry sectors empower us to support your products and ensure continuous product performance improvements, reduced lead times to market and reduced total cost for manufacturing.

Our engineering services deploy innovation at all levels, thus enabling you to merge your engineering requirements and help you focus on your customer requirements. Global associations with industry giants allow us to establish, execute and deliver on set industry standards and best practices.

Some of the services we offer are :

Product Data Management

To help you track the various costs connected with the creation and launch of your product we offer creation, management, and publication of product data under our Product Data Management Services (PDM). State-of-the-art software and tools are engaged to track and control data related to the customer’s products. Supporting multi-business environment and providing superior value for our customers, we track data ranging from technical specifications of the product to specifications for manufacture and development and the variety of materials that will be required to create products.

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

RoHS compliance is an inherent part of our design process. We support our customers in meeting their environmental obligations by developing integrated and cost-effective processes to build RoHS compliant products. We choose components and manufacture products that conform to RoHS / WEEE legislation. We specialize in releasing designs compatible with RoHS compliant manufacturing processes and still meet product performance and reliability specifications.


We effectively collaborate your design requirements and manufacturing requirements to help optimize/improve cost, quality & delivery without affecting the excellence levels maintained for your product manufacturing and performance. Our DFx services are spread across design, test, manufacture, development, and sourcing - all of which aid in reducing overall product costs & NRE charges, time to market, manufacturing cycle times while improving product quality and manufacturing flexibility.

Apart from the above services, we also have an efficient customer feedback mechanism that records design change suggestions and failure analysis of electronic assemblies.